• Foot care according to medical guidelines: urban spa offers more than a cosmetic pedicure

    In the regular cosmetic studios, your feet receive cosmetic foot care. With her, the focus is purely on the optics. It includes professional cutting and cleaning of the nails and removal of calluses. Nail corrections and foot massages can also be part of the care. Finally, the nails are usually painted. urban spa goes one step further. Although we do not offer medical foot care in Hamburg by a podiatrist, we do offer foot care according to medical guidelines. We expertly remove excess calluses and corns. All-round healthy, beautiful feet: This is our goal for you. Get to know the advantages of an extended cosmetic pedicure yourself and make an appointment with us!

    Always ready for the flip-flop season: foot care according to medical guidelines

    The eyes may be the mirror of the soul, but the feet show how caring a woman is. While the face, décolleté and hands are given daily attention with beauty products, the feet are often neglected. They are in stockings and shoes for many months of the year, which is why hardly anyone sees them.

    However, for health and aesthetic reasons, it is not advisable to neglect the feet in this way. They accompany you in all everyday situations. Whether supermarket, workplace or hiking destination: they take you everywhere reliably. They more than deserve a regular care program. It can prevent health problems and pain in feet. At the same time, it ensures that your feet are always ready for the flip-flop season. Uncared for feet in open-toe shoes significantly detract from the overall outfit and reveal a lack of personal hygiene. At urban spa, your feet receive a high-quality care program based on medical guidelines. Try it yourself!

    Medical foot care Hamburg: What makes the difference?

    You should treat yourself to a professional foot care routine on a regular basis. In this way, you prevent relevant foot problems and can eliminate budding foot problems immediately in the early stages. Regardless of what your feet are currently looking like, our carefully trained staff can help you.

    If we reach our limits, a medical foot care Hamburg by a podiatrist is appropriate. Medical foot care is suitable, for example, for diabetics who suffer from very special foot problems. A podiatrist is also the right contact for plantar warts. We advise you honestly and professionally, which makes us your experts for foot care according to medical guidelines. Contact us today so that you can shine with beautiful, healthy feet soon!