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  • What is a plasma pen treatment?

    The skin tightening application is based on what is known as plasma technology. What is plasma? These are high-energy and at the same time ionized particles that enable highly precise and tissue-friendly removal of the skin. The plasma pen is a device that takes advantage of the ionization of the surrounding air. It is triggered by a switch above the skin for a very brief moment. The resulting ionized particles bring about the desired removal of the tissue through a short-term heat source . With the Plasma Pen Hamburg treatment, only the upper layers of the skin are affected. Tissue in deeper regions is not affected.

    After a plasma pen treatment, the skin is swollen and red. You need to relax for a few days. After about three days, the swelling is no longer visible. Redness and a light skin crust usually disappear after five days. We will inform you exactly how you should care for your skin during this time.

    Eyelid lift plasma pen

    An upper eyelid lift is one of the most common requests from our customers and is one of the most important anti-aging treatments. Aging processes are often noticeable in the eyes at a very early stage. The first signs can become noticeable as early as the age of 35 and over time result in clearly visible bags under the eyes or droopy eyelids. If you are affected by one of these phenomena and you want a more alert and dynamic appearance, we would be happy to advise you on a non-surgical eyelid lift.

    During the plasma pen treatment, the excess skin in the area around the eye or on the eyelid is removed. This enables smoothing of the existing wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, the eyes appear much more open and correspondingly larger. The overall appearance is younger, more lively and awake due to the no longer sunken eyes. When using the plasma pen, no cuts are made and there are no scars . At the beginning of the non-surgical eyelid lift , we apply a local anesthetic cream to the desired areas of the skin. The plasma pen is slowly passed over the skin. He barely touches her. There are minimal touches. When the probe is triggered, heat is generated, which can be felt as a slight pain due to the numbing cream, but is nevertheless well bearable. The excess skin is removed point by point by this heat development. The treated area tightens as the wound heals.

    The eyelid correction takes about half an hour to complete.

    Wrinkle smoothing and skin tightening without surgery

    Not only the eye area influences the appearance and accordingly ensures a younger or older appearance. The facial skin is also a mirror of the times. Some wrinkles make us look likeable, lovable and interesting, while others primarily make us look older and can also cause an unintentionally severe or tired expression on our face. There are a few options in the field of anti aging treatments to deal with this. These include, for example, wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid or the local delivery of active ingredients as part of mesotherapy. The skin can be positively influenced in very different ways.

    With the plasma pen, your skin can be tightened without having to resort to hypodermic needles or other products. Whether you are bothered by a deep forehead wrinkle or a pronounced nasolabial fold gives an indication of your age - with the Plasma Pen Hamburg we offer you a gentle possibility of skin tightening. In terms of technical implementation, the process corresponds to that of eyelid lifting.

    Who is the Plasma Pen treatment suitable for?

    The treatment is particularly suitable for people who are dealing with the first wrinkles or the beginning of drooping eyelids and want to be treated easily without surgery. In particularly severe cases, surgical intervention may be more useful. The plasma pen treatment is not suitable for people with type 1 diabetes and pregnant women . We would be happy to advise you on this.

    As with any treatment, there are risks with the plasma pen , but these can be regulated very well. Plasma pen experiences describe here, for example, temporary redness, possible wound healing disorders or slight swelling.

    We at urban spa Hamburg use the PhiLings brand ion pen . Of course, the highest hygiene standards are observed. In addition, our employees always take care of your well-being and will consult with you during the entire treatment.

    Benefits of plasma pens:

    • gentle treatment without surgery
    • no scarring
    • low cost compared to surgery
    • no risk of allergies as it contains no substances