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  • Trendy eyebrows thanks to Powder Brows Hamburg urban spa

    Powder brows are the current and future trend for perfectly shaped eyebrows. He conjures up thick, well-formed eyebrows that impress with their naturalness. Many Hollywood stars have chosen it to effectively frame the face. Often nobody knows about their little cheating, because it is difficult for the untrained eye to recognize them. This is because the color is not tattooed flat into the skin. Instead, a modification of microblading is used, which helps to create natural-looking eyebrows. Regardless of whether you already have thick eyebrows and just want to intensify them, or whether you have too few hairs over your eyes: With the help of this permanent make-up technique, you will soon shine with perfect eyebrows. Do you have very sensitive skin? No problem. An experienced beauty salon like urban spa can also help you then. Let us advise you!

    Permanent makeup with powder effect

    Gapped, thin or asymmetrical eyebrows? We can fix these little flaws. With the Powder Brows we rely on the sophisticated and revolutionary technique. With her, the color is worked into your skin with a pigmentation device and the so-called pendulum technique. Thanks to the shading drawing technique, often using two colors, our experienced staff creates a delicate 3D effect. It is characterized by a powder effect, which is why this procedure is also called powder brows. As you can see, it's a little different than microblading. With microblading, the color does not get under the skin with a needle, but through the manual use of microneedles, the blades. You have to decide for yourself which method is ultimately best for you. Please keep in mind that both techniques cause small injuries to the skin. For this reason, it is imperative that you only let experts on your face, under the strictest hygiene conditions. We offer you this reliable, high-performance service. Make an appointment now!

    Microblading Powder Brows Combination

    Microblading or powder brows? Perhaps you are now asking yourself this question. Both methods have their own effect. You don't have to choose between the two. urban spa Hamburg combines microblading with the powder brows technique. We are creating a completely new look that is even more natural! We create the most natural 3D eyebrows you can imagine. The fine hair drawing of microblading and the powdery eyebrow effect support your facial expression like no other method. Full and well-formed eyebrows, supported by the three-dimensional effect of precise drawings, frame your eyes perfectly.

    PMU Powder Brows Hamburg

    The way to the permanent make-up powder brow step by step

    As a reputable beauty salon, we rely on 100% professionalism, cleanliness and honesty. As a first step, you will receive written information on the subject from us. You fill out the slip and sign it to ensure that you are sufficiently informed about everything. Before we get to the actual work, we have an in-depth conversation with you. In this you explain to us what you want for your brows. How dark and how dense should they be? You decide on your perfect eyebrows. Then we draw in the brows. So you can see live on your face how your shape and color will look. If you like the end result, we start incorporating the color pigments. Find out more about Powder Brows Hamburg on site and visit us in our studio!