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  • Permanent make-up lips: Harmonious contours and subtle colour

    With the permanent make-up lips, a harmonious overall picture of the lips can be achieved, which is optimally adapted to the face and its shape. The appearance of the lips in particular is very susceptible to differences in shape and proportions between the upper and lower lips. Disturbances or asymmetry are often noticed particularly quickly here and perceived as unsightly. It doesn't matter whether the lips appear too narrow and small, the color is perceived as too pale or unsightly, the contour needs to be changed or the daily lip make-up routine should simply be a thing of the past that permanent make-up on the lips offers the optimal solution in all cases.

    Three treatment options

    There are three different ways to permanently change the appearance of your lips. Lip contouring can be done to correct and enhance the contours. A lip modeling can be achieved very nicely by a partial shading, so partial areas can be created and the lip can be optically enlarged. A lip color refreshment corresponds to a full shade. In this way, the customer's desired color can be used and a fresh and youthful appearance of the lips can be guaranteed at all times.

    Permanent makeup Hamburg

    Process of the permanent make-up treatment

    At the beginning of the treatment appointment, the customer is explained and informed in detail about permanent make-up. This is documented in writing and must then be signed by the customer. Before the permanent make-up treatment really begins, the form, length and width of the lines to be implemented and the color that she would like are discussed in detail with the customer.

    We recommend a subtle shade for the day make-up, which can then be intensified with a lipstick for the evening. In order to visualize this again, the draft discussed is applied to the lips. If the customer is satisfied with the markings and expressly gives her consent, the actual permanent make-up treatment begins with the incorporation of the color pigments into the skin.

    Hygiene comes first

    With permanent make-up lips, it is essential to pay attention to the hygienic conditions in the studio. Permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure that first damages the skin barrier. A lack of hygiene in the beauty salon could allow bacteria to get into the open wound. In order to avoid this at all costs, customers should pay close attention to sterile instruments, which should still be in their packaging. At this point, if doubts arise, critical questions are definitely appropriate.

    What happens after the permanent make-up treatment?

    In the first three to five days after the treatment, the result is even better than what was originally agreed. In the course of the healing process, however, the result comes closer and closer to the goal. Since the skin on the lips is very thin and sensitive, initial redness and slight swelling are to be classified as normal. During the first week after the treatment you should avoid direct sunlight, swimming, solarium visits and the use of additional cosmetics in order not to endanger the healing of the wound.

    Permanent Make Up Hamburg - Urban Spa

    The durability of the lip permanent make-up varies from customer to customer. In general, it can be said that the result fades after about three to five years and the treatment should then be repeated.

    Two methods to choose from: Phi Contour or Long Time Liner method?

    urban spa Hamburg uses two different methods for permanent make-up applications: the Phi Contour method and the Long-Time-Liner method. Depending on the studio, we are trained for one or the other method. Our customers are free to choose which of the methods they would like to use. This is explained by our trained staff in a detailed consultation. Our studio in Uhlenhorst only offers the long tine liner method.

    Come by and let us advise you on a permanent make-up treatment. We look forward to you!