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  • What is hydrofacial?

    The hydrofacial treatment is a highly effective method for deep cleansing of the skin. It also stimulates the skin to form new cells, blood circulation and collagen formation . In five steps you get a peach skin. Your dead skin cells are removed, similar to microdermabrasion. However, this is done with a much gentler attachment. By peeling off the upper skin cells, the cells underneath are stimulated to form new ones. Your skin will also be treated with a gentle fruit acid peeling. A vacuum-based deep cleansing stimulates the lymph. The introduction of valuable care substances complements the hydrodermabrasion. All steps together form the hydrofacial. Immediately after use you will see the first results: your skin feels softer, your complexion is more even and your face has a fresh luminosity. Hollywood stars are enthusiastic about the instant effect . Since the method is very gentle and successes are immediately visible, you can use them directly before important events.

    If you want to intensify the application, you can add manual cleaning to the hydrofacial . In addition, urban spa Hamburg combines radio frequency therapy with a hydrofacial. This is the absolute super treatment to make your skin glow. The rejuvenation effect will inspire you. We already are!

    Hydrofacial treatment effects and results

    The skilful combination of skin removal, acid peeling, deep cleansing and hydration allows amazing effects. Immediately you will see the results that make your complexion glow:

    • Firmness of your skin improves
    • Your skin becomes more fine-pored and gains elasticity
    • Decrease in wrinkle depth
    • sustained hydration
    • Activation of elastane and collagen production

    Rejuvenation without surgery by Hydrofacial Hamburg

    The hydrofacial process is divided into 5 steps: First, the surface of the skin is cleaned. Calloused skin areas and skin flakes are removed. This means your skin is ready for the further steps of the treatment. Our experienced beauticians apply a fruit acid peeling to loosen the deeper impurities from the skin pores. They are removed in the next step using vacuum technology . In these steps, a lymph-activating drainage takes place. Afterwards, highly effective care substances such as antioxidants and vitamins are introduced deep into your skin layers. Using an airbrush, we apply hyaluronic acid to your skin.

    In addition to the high effectiveness, the advantages of a hydrofacial include the use of gentle and gentle devices and care products. This means that you can show yourself to people immediately.

    Who is the hydrofacial treatment suitable for?

    Extensive hydrodermabrasion experiences around the world show: This treatment is suitable for men and women of all ages and all skin types - even for the very sensitive skin types. The healing serum for the facial treatment is put together individually for you so that it can optimally address your skin problem. In this way, the best results can be achieved in a short time. The method is so gentle that no recovery time is required afterwards. Whether hydrofacial for acne, wrinkles or another skin problem: you don't have to reckon with hydrofacial side effects thanks to its excellent tolerability. A more radiant complexion in a few minutes - that is the result of hydrodermabrasion.