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  • Pedicure at our urban spa in Hamburg

    As soon as you enter our urban spa, you will feel: something is different here. You breathe deeply into your stomach and feel the stress start to go away. A team colleague will lead you to our foot care throne. You snuggle up in the soft upholstery and can look forward to an all-round feel-good program. Your feet sink into a pleasantly warm footbath. You can relax wonderfully during the treatment - and it's not just the "stroking" of our staff that ensures that. During pedicure in Hamburg, in the urban spa, your feet get a special peeling made from high-quality ingredients. Your feet will be baby soft and any pain points will be enchanted. We offer foot care according to medical guidelines and take particularly professional care of any foot problems such as pressure points, athlete’s foot and nail fungus, painful cracks in the cornea (rhagades), corns (clavicles) or excessive calluses (plantar hyperkeratosis). Your feet are in the best hands with us!

    Curious? Then come by and try it out! By the way, we use the vegan products from SPA Ritual for this.

    Wellness masks not only relax your feet

    Have you been up all day again? No wonder your feet hurt and muscles ache. We offer you a ginger mask so that your feet can get well again quickly. Because ginger has been proven to help against muscle tension, as a study has just proven. During a pedicure in Hamburg in the urban spa, the mask made of ginger root extract encloses your feet. Afterwards you immediately have the feeling that you could go on a shopping tour. But wait - first you let yourself be pampered.

    Gently remove cuticles

    After the cuticles have become soft and supple with the foot bath, peeling and mask, a team colleague gently pushes them back. Do you always use scissors for this? D rather not! Cuticles are super sensitive and tear easily. And then there is the danger of nail bed inflammation. An intact cuticle, on the other hand, protects the nails from bacteria.

    If the nails have become very long, they are first shortened with nail clippers at the foot care in Hamburg in the urban spa. And then it is filed. Even if we attach great importance to natural cosmetics when it comes to filing and polishing, we rely on high-tech: Rotating sapphire discs shape even thick toenails in no time at all. Finally, a so-called felt cone is used: this is used to make the edges of the nail nice and smooth.

    Polish brings natural shine

    You only apply nail polish on vacation, otherwise you prefer your nails to be natural. Then we have something for you too: Let them be polished! There are polishing files with the finest abrasive grains that give the nails an elegant shimmer. And we can intensify this shimmer by massaging in nail oil afterwards. This not only brings more shine but also an extra portion of care. Great if your nails are already very dry and easily become brittle.
    And then a little foot massage? You should treat yourself to this during your pedicure in Hamburg.

    Foot massage ensures pure relaxation

    A massage like this brings deep relaxation in just a few minutes. You might even fall asleep while doing it. In any case, a foot massage from our urban spa team will relieve you of all the stress, even headaches. With a gentle but firm stroking massage, the instep is first smoothed out. On both feet at the same time - from the ankle to the toes. Then the feet are gently stretched in all directions. Then it's the turn of the individual toes, they are pulled and moved back and forth. You can only continue with your right foot. A colleague massages the sole, heel, instep, toes and the spaces between them with both thumbs in circular movements. The left foot now gets the same massage. This loosens up all joints and muscles – pure relaxation.

    Foot massage Hamburg - Urban Spa cosmetic studio

    The highlight at the end: lacquer work by a professional

    What color should it be? Light pastel shades such as sea green are very popular, as is glitter gold with metallic high heels. Or how about a berry red or one of our popular neon shades in pink and orange? Before that, our team colleague applies a colorless base coat. This is important so that the nails do not discolour. But above all, it evens out unevenness and this makes the subsequent coat of paint even. The finish is the top coat, which makes the nail art durable for a long time. Now it's time to stretch out comfortably and let the coats of paint dry in peace. This time can also become a small relaxation experience with a pedicure in Hamburg. Our team of experts is not only familiar with foot massages. How about an arm massage? Come by and try it out.

    You can book online for a pedicure in the urban spa in Hamburg. We look forward to you!