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Permanent makeup eyeliner

So that you already have the perfect eye expression in the morning

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  • How exactly does the permanent make-up eyeliner work?

    Cosmetic-conscious women have known for a long time - it is the epitome of cosmetic skill: a perfectly drawn eyeliner. Unfortunately, in daily practice it is not so easy to apply the line accurately to the eyelid. It often just doesn't work out. Either the line is too thick, too thin, not straight or simply not symmetrical on the two eyelids. The permanent make-up eyeliner offers the solution to this daily dilemma. Our team from urban spa Hamburg is the best contact for everything to do with permanent make-up. First of all, we explain our customers in general and in detail about permanent make-up. This is even documented in writing and must be signed by the customer after the declaration. We then discuss in detail with the customer what the permanent eyeliner should look like. The exact shape is defined, how thin or thick the line should be. Once the eyeliner has been defined, it is drawn on the eyelid as a draft. With this design, the customer has a precise idea of ​​the end result - this is important because the eyeliner is striking on the face and is long-lasting. If our customer is satisfied with the length, width and shape of the marked eyeliner, the actual permanent make-up begins with the incorporation of the color pigments into the skin.

    Hygiene comes first

    No matter in which studio you have a permanent make-up application carried out, it is extremely important to pay attention to the hygienic conditions in the studio. Reputable beauty salons attach great importance to hygiene. Since the protective barrier of the skin is damaged during use, cleanliness must be guaranteed, both in the studio itself and with the instruments used. Please always ensure that only sterile packaged instruments are used. You are welcome to inform yourself about our hygiene regulations in our studios. At urban spa Hamburg, we are always committed to keeping hygiene and cleanliness in our studio at the absolute highest level - after all, it's about the health of our customers, and that's our top priority.

    PMU hamburg eyeliner

    Phi Contour or Long Time Liner method?

    urban spa Hamburg uses two different methods for permanent make-up applications: the Phi Contour method and the Long-Time-Liner method. Depending on the studio, we are trained for one or the other method. Our customers are free to choose which of the methods they would like to use. This is explained by our trained staff in a detailed consultation. Our studio in Uhlenhorst only offers the long tine liner method.

    What happens after the permanent make-up treatment?

    For the immediate period after the treatment, it is important to know that the fresh result still looks very intense and strong for the first three to five days. After this time, the final result that was agreed before the treatment will be achieved. It is normal for the eyelids to be red and slightly swollen after the treatment as the skin in this area is very sensitive. In addition, care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight, solarium, swimming, sauna and additional make-up in the first week after the permanent make-up treatment. After the treatment of the permanent make-up eyeliner, you should pay more attention to hygiene than usual in order to reduce the risk of any infections that may occur.


    The permanent make-up is long-lasting. But since, unlike conventional tattoos, the color pigments are not pierced into the very deep layers of the skin, the make-up fades over time. In the case of eyeliner, a repeat treatment is recommended after about three to five years in order to strengthen the result again. At urban spa, we have highly qualified staff. Our employees are absolute specialists in the field of permanent make-up. Come by and let us advise you without obligation. We are happy to convince you of our expertise.