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Since day 1 at Urban Spa we have been convinced that it is possible to create a tolerant, more diverse and respectful world together. That is why it is part of our culture to be open to other cultures, ways of life, religions and ways of thinking. Unfortunately, the ideal world in which people from different backgrounds can meet in pure peace and goodwill does not yet exist. But we work every day to do our part by protecting our direct environment in the best possible way and bringing our values ​​into the urban spa. For us, this means, among other things, that we pay attention to the quality of the work of our employees and not to their appearance, religion or gender. Our team is a melting pot of different cultures, which allows us to welcome customers in 9 different languages. We see this diversity as a great opportunity where everyone can learn from each other. Our daily togetherness gives us the opportunity to look into other realities of life that may have been unknown to us - as with our trainee Robert, who gives us an insight into the LGBTQ scene. Or Elnaz, who is a committed headscarf wearer and tells us about her attitude towards Islam. Whether Marina from Ukraine, Marcella from Colombia or our founder Patrizia, who was born in Poland herself - we all enrich each other and learn from our colleagues.
The benevolent exchange is our key, to which we also invite you when we welcome you as a guest in one of our salons.
We look forward to you.