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  • Beautiful moments - eyelash extensions in the urban spa Hamburg

    Mascara and false eyelash strands are now a thing of the past, because after eyelash extensions in Hamburg, in one of our branches, your eyes are framed by long, thick eyelashes every day - even when you get up in the morning. Whether an intensive mascara or a natural look, we have both. Whatever you decide, after a visit to us you can batter your eyelashes and draw all eyes to you.
    Be ready for new perspectives! Eyelash lengthening in our beauty salons in Hamburg is always a worthwhile investment to put your eyes in the limelight. What are you waiting for? Make an appointment with us now and enjoy the admiring looks of others. We look forward to you!

    Eyelash extensions - what is that exactly?

    To perfect your natural eyelashes, our specialists use tweezers to attach individual artificial eyelashes to your natural eyelashes. Ideally, the artificial hairs are between 0.05 and 0.2 mm thick. We choose the thickness of the artificial eyelashes according to the thickness and strength of your natural eyelashes, so you hardly feel them and can enjoy your new eyelashes. The length and curvature of the eyelashes are also individually adapted to the shape of your eyes. We look forward to helping you with your selection with help and advice.

    Eyelash lengthening Hamburg Urban Spa

    Once you've made your choice, let's get started. The lower lashes are taped with a pad to separate them from the upper ones. Then the upper lid is fixed and the eyelashes are degreased so that the new eyelashes adhere well. The individual hairs are then glued directly to the upper lash line with a skin-friendly special adhesive, lash by lash. Too long hairs are shortened if necessary. This is complex and time-consuming, but the result is impressive: the eyelashes are thick and the eyes appear larger. Eyelashes are usually renewed every 100 to 150 days. This means that your new eyelashes would then also come off at the latest. However, it is quite normal for individual lashes to fall out from time to time, which is why people usually do not wait long enough for the lashes to grow back naturally. We therefore advise you to have a refill appointment after two or three weeks at the latest in order to fill these gaps again in order to get the new, expressive look of the eyes.

    Eyelash extensions in Hamburg - suitable for everyone?

    In principle, everyone can fulfill their dream of long and thick eyelashes. There is no age limit that speaks against eyelash extensions in Hamburg. Even contact lens wearers don't have to do without full eyelashes and expressive eyes. We attach the new eyelashes with a great deal of sensitivity and use a skin-friendly special adhesive that usually does not cause any reactions on the skin or in the eyes. However, allergy sufferers should first clarify whether the adhesive is compatible with them.
    Unfortunately, there are exceptional cases where the eyelashes cannot hold. The fact that your own eyelashes are too weak, too short or too greasy can play a decisive role here. But the handling and care of the new eyelashes and sleeping habits also play a role. We will also advise you on this in advance of your appointment.

    The right look for your eyelashes

    We offer you professional eyelash extensions in Hamburg at the highest level. Our team is well trained to put your eyes in the right light and make them eye-catchers - whether intensive or natural, just as you want it. Depending on your own eyelash image, we use a smaller number of artificial hairs, a lighter thickness or a length of artificial eyelashes adapted to your natural eyelash length for the natural look. We work these into your real eyelashes in such a way that they match the look of lightly mascaraed eyelashes. So your eyes are fit for every challenge of everyday life.

    Eyelash Extensions Hamburg - Urban Spa - Cosmetics

    If you love the big entrance, you will like our intensive look. Here we use, of course adapted to your eyes and your wishes, mostly much longer eyelashes than your own. If the strength of your own eyelashes allows it, we will choose a more intensive strength and conjure up an intensive look that will definitely attract attention. The eyelash extensions in Hamburg are refreshed after two or three weeks, which means that eyelashes that have fallen out are replaced. This keeps your eyes looking new. Curious? Just drop by and let our experts advise you or book an appointment online.

    Benefits of eyelash lengthening

    The advantages of eyelash extensions in Hamburg are obvious. Your eyes are now always bright and expressive, even in the morning after waking up. Of course, this also saves time when putting on make-up, because you can leave the mascara in the cosmetics cabinet in the future. There are no more nasty surprises when doing sports or swimming. Your eyes always look well-groomed, nothing can run or blur anymore. Since the eyelashes also have exactly the right curve and the right bend after an eyelash extension, you can also ban the eyelash curler. If you now follow a few tips, you can enjoy your new eyelashes even longer.

    Eyelash extensions Hamburg - Urban Spa - Lashes

    During the first 24 hours after the extension, your lashes should not come into contact with water or steam. The glue needs this time to bond well with the hairs and harden. You should also avoid using very rich eye creams. The oils contained in it can settle on the glue and accelerate the loss of the eyelashes. When removing eyeshadow or kohl pencil, you should be careful and not rub too hard and, if possible, avoid using cotton pads. The reason is that the fine fibers of the pad stick to the lashes. There are special water-based gel-containing make-up remover lotions that you can use to remove eye make-up. Basically, you no longer need mascara. With colorless protective mascara, however, you can give your eyelashes even more elasticity and make them more resistant. And should you ever feel like applying additional mascara to your eyelashes, it should not be a waterproof mascara. This has a negative effect on the adhesive and can cause it to detach more quickly. In addition, only the tips of the eyelashes should be mascaraed. If a few hairs are really sticking out, you can easily bring them back into shape with an eyelash brush.