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  • What is lash line thickening?

    With this treatment, fine color pigments are placed between the eyelashes. This creates a wonderful fullness of eyelash hairs. And the look is perfect right from the first blink of the day. The long-lasting make-up trend is not new, but it continues unabated. More and more women appreciate the fact that they can start the day perfectly styled without having to spend a lot of cosmetics and time in the bathroom. Permanent make-up is particularly popular in the eye area. With an eyelash wreath compression, we provide our customers with an optical fullness of the eyelashes. Similar to an eyeliner on the upper or lower eyelid. But what exactly happens with the lash line thickening? When thickening the eyelashes, our beauty experts from urban spa Hamburg insert very fine color pigments into the skin between the individual eyelashes. The small dots of color then create the impression of a dense, beautiful lash line.

    How is the lash line thickened applied?

    Before we start introducing the color particles into the skin, we will discuss the procedure with you in detail. You will then know exactly what to expect. Only then are very fine color pigments worked millimeter by millimeter into the skin along the lashes with a steady hand. And after an hour at the latest, the session is over. In reputable beauty salons there is another check-up appointment after the first application - this is also the case with us. There we look at the healed result, we can make improvements or, if desired, adjust the color a bit. It is very important to us that you are satisfied. Permanent make-up lasts a long time, so the result has to be perfect. We offer this treatment in all of our four branches and always with a check-up appointment!

    Eyelash wreath compaction Hamburg

    How do I recognize a good permanent make-up artist?

    In contrast to a tattoo, with permanent make-up and thus also with the thickening of the eyelashes, the color is only applied to the upper layer of the skin. So you don't decide on a certain styling that will still be there in twenty years, but gradually the color pigments become paler because our skin is constantly renewed.

    Depending on the skin type, eyelash extensions can last three to ten years. But even that is a long time and it is all the more important to us that the result also corresponds to your wishes. You quickly recognize good beauty salons like urban spa Hamburg. Make sure that the beautician has experience with the treatment, gives detailed advice, uses high-quality products and, of course, that the hygiene in the studio is right. The color pigments used are mineral and synthetic particles that must undergo the strictest controls and be free of allergens before they can be used for permanent make-up. In addition, attention should be paid to the naturalness of the colors. The more natural the color used, the more beautiful and harmonious the result looks and corresponds to a subtle daytime make-up.

    With a lash line thickening, you can wake up in the morning with a beautiful look - without even having been near the cosmetic bag. It is important that you choose a professional studio that pays attention to quality and hygiene and the naturalness of the colors: urban spa Hamburg. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you!