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  • Eyelash lifting at urban spa Hamburg

    Eyelash lifting, also known as lash lifting, is a new type of eyelash lengthening that has been known for a long time. In contrast to conventional eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting is the gentler and more natural alternative. This method does not require the use of artificial eyelashes. This means that the artificial eyelashes do not fall out over time, but the great effect is still achieved.

    How does the eyelash lift work?

    Eyelash lifting occurs in three phases. Your eyelashes are first straightened, then lifted and then straightened. The innovative technology gives the individual lashes more volume and makes them thicker. At first glance, this may remind you of the technique of conventional eyelash curling, but the lash lifting procedure is gentler because there is no kink in the eyelashes. By wounding high-quality silicone pads, a small curve is created directly at the base of the eyelash, just above the edge of the eyelid. From there, the lashes are shaped straight up. The extent to which the curl can be shaped can be decided according to your wishes and personal preferences and can be individually adapted to the length of the eyelashes. Another advantage of the technique is that the path to beautiful, curved eyelashes does not take long: the treatment is completed after just 45 minutes!

    Eyelash lifting Hamburg

    The eyelash lifting procedure in detail:

    The application process is divided into three steps. First the lifting is done, then the lifting is fixed accordingly. The eyelashes are then tinted. Before the start, the area around the eyes is freed from all residues and fats and cleaned intensively. The lower lash line is taped off and the silicone pads mentioned above are attached to both sides of the eyelids.

    With the help of a water-soluble adhesive, the eyelashes are firmly fixed on the silicone pads. The lifting cream is then applied. Eyelash lifting works in a similar way to the process of coloring hair - the hair structure is expanded with the help of sulfur oxide and thus made more flexible. Then the eyelashes are fixed and then their hair structure is sealed again. The first application time is about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the length and condition of the eyelashes. Then a neutralizing agent is applied, which in turn has to act for between 10 and 20 minutes. After that, the only thing left to do is tint the eyelashes.

    Other useful information

    The handling and daily care of the eyelash lifting is also simple and uncomplicated, no special things have to be considered. The treated eyelashes can be cleaned and cared for with exactly the same products as usual. This is a huge advantage, so there is no need to adjust the daily make-up, make-up and cleansing routine. The Lash Lift retains its effect for about six weeks. In interaction with the natural growth of the eyelashes, the effect flattens out a little from time to time. Nevertheless, with the eyelash lift you get closer to the dream of having a dreamlike look in the morning - without any eyelash curler or mascara. Visit us and let us advise you - and convince yourself of your professionals for eyelash lifting Hamburg!