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  • Individually for your skin

    The individuality of your skin, your wishes and goals are our priority. In the urban spa classic facial treatment, your skin is cleaned in two phases, peeled and then prepared for cleansing. Before every cleansing and with every single one of your urban spa Classic facial treatments, we reanalyze the condition of your skin in order to be able to respond individually and appropriately to your current skin condition and to achieve a perfect goal.

    Facial massage woman urban spa Hamburg

    The process of our classic facial treatment

    After we have cleaned your skin, you will receive a soothing mask that suits your skin needs. Valuable ingredients have a targeted effect, your skin relaxes and has time and the right condition to absorb and process the active ingredients. Your feel-good program will be rounded off with a short face and neck massage and then you will be equipped for the rest of your day thanks to the ampoule and perfect final and eye care.

    For long-term success, we recommend that you supplement the professional treatments in our institute with regular home care. Whether products for facial cleansing, special peelings or care - we are happy to advise you in one of our four urban spa branches in Hamburg - for a perfect and fresh skin feeling - for your radiant, fit and healthy skin.