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Cosmetics in Hamburg: offer, trends, products and treatments

We'll tell you how to find the perfect cosmetics experience in the Hanseatic city!

Cosmetics in Hamburg: offer, trends, products and treatments

We'll tell you how to find the perfect cosmetics experience in the Hanseatic city!

Hamburg: city of cosmetics

Whether for the daily look or for selected occasions, advertised diligently by influencers on TikTok and Instagram or recommended by your best friend: cosmetic products, cosmetic treatments and careful skin care are in demand across the country like never before. And yet it almost seems as if women (and more and more men too!) in and around Hamburg have a special soft spot for the magic of cosmetics. A trip into Hamburg's cosmetics history, its wide range, current trends and the best treatments in town!

History lesson: Hamburg not only has its "own" drugstore chain ...

Where cosmetics are in demand in Hamburg, drugstores should not be missing. Even more: Our beautiful Hanseatic city on the Elbe also stands out here with its own drugstore chain! Most of the branches of the company, which was founded in Hamburg in 1912, are in the metropolitan area of ​​the city, but there are now shops even in Berlin, Mannheim and on Sylt. Across Germany we are talking about almost 200 branches that offer customers various everyday items and various cosmetic products.

... but also its "own" perfumery chain!

An internationally renowned perfumery chain also has its roots in Hamburg. It was founded in 1910 and today sells a wide range of perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products in 2,400 stores across Europe. Incidentally, the first branch – located in downtown Hamburg on Neuer Wall – is still there today.

Cosmetics in Hamburg: Production site of a global company

Cosmetics from Hamburg are world famous. After all, a world-famous company has its origins and headquarters here and produces cosmetic and skin care products for the mass market - above all with its two top brands. You already know: the round blue skin cream jar with the big white letters on it and a blue lipstick. Whether you are a fan of it is up to you ;)

Going to school: cosmetics in training and studies

A cosmetics school was founded in Hamburg back in the 1970s, which is now a state-approved vocational school for cosmetics. And, watch out – the city even allows you to get your own university degree when it comes to cosmetics! Cosmetics science is part of the chemistry department and deals with the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical aspects of cosmetics and their effectiveness.

Medical cosmetics in Hamburg

As is to be expected for a big city, Hamburg has a whole range of beauty clinics, practices and institutes where you can be treated for medical or aesthetic reasons, have injections or even go under the knife. In many cases, however, such a step is the last choice - and sometimes not even necessary: ​​In the case of interventions that are not absolutely necessary, it is often worth venturing to visit a good cosmetic studio first. The experts on site usually have a lot of experience with different skin types, appearances and changes and know which methods can be used to conceal an unsightly area in the long term or how it appears permanently flawless. This can be done using cosmetic devices or selected cosmetic products.
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Sustainable, vegan and fair cosmetics:
Trend in Hamburg, Germany and the world

If we want to fully maintain our current standard of living, we actually need 1.8 earths. But since we can't just conjure up another earth, we must - all together - do everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint. The good news is that such a rethink is already taking place, here in Hamburg and all over the world: more and more people are questioning their consumer behavior, the ethical conditions under which consumer goods and cosmetic products are manufactured, and the impact on climate change. The trends at a glance:

Cosmetics trend no. 1 in Hamburg: natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics do without environmentally harmful ingredients such as petroleum and microplastics. Sales of natural cosmetics alone are increasing steadily in Germany, from 600 million euros in 2007 to almost 1.5 billion euros in 2020! Conversely, this means that many people are now deliberately avoiding conventional cosmetics. Good for skin and nature.

Cosmetics trend no. 2 in Hamburg: vegan cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics are free from ingredients of animal origin. She even does without ingredients such as honey, beeswax, milk or lanolin (a wax obtained from wool), which can certainly occur in natural cosmetics.

Cosmetics trend no. 3 in Hamburg: cosmetics free of animal testing

Animal testing was banned by the EU in 2013. Unfortunately, however, cosmetics manufacturers are able to circumvent this ban to a certain extent. Because it only applies to products that have been on the market since 2013 (not for long-running favorites). It also does not apply to ingredients that are also used in products other than cosmetics. Consciously choosing vegan cosmetics and natural cosmetics is therefore a good step towards permanently banning animal testing from cosmetics.

Cosmetics trend no. 4 in Hamburg: Sustainable cosmetics

Does it always have to be an aluminum tube, packed in a cardboard box made from rainforest cellulose and wrapped in plastic film? We find: No! Cosmetic products in sustainable packaging such as glass bottles are trending more than ever - and that's a good thing.

Cosmetics trend no. 5 in Hamburg: Ethical cosmetics

The resource-saving and sustainable production of natural cosmetics often goes hand in hand with fair conditions for employees. In this way, each of us contributes to improving the living conditions of the local people - be it in terms of health or finances.

Find cosmetic studios and beauty salons in Hamburg: 5 tips!

If you ask Google how many beauty salons there are in Hamburg, the business directory will show you over 400 entries. Oof! How is one supposed to find the right one for oneself with this selection? We have put together five tips for you:

1st tip: There are trained beauticians

With all cosmetic measures, the health of the skin should be the top priority. Therefore, it is essential that trained beauticians work in the beauty salon, who have important basic dermatological knowledge and have mastered the techniques of cosmetic treatment.

2nd tip: There is a large selection of treatments

The forms of treatment should be as diverse as the customer's wishes for a cosmetic treatment. Because age, skin type, complexion and desired goal decide which method makes the most sense. A beauty salon with a wide range of treatments can therefore respond much more precisely to your wishes.

Tip 3: High-quality equipment and products are used

Especially in very cheap cosmetic studios, it happens again and again that the staff handles devices and products of questionable quality. This can even become really dangerous, for example if the laser used from the Far East is far too powerful or if the skin cream contains allergic or toxic substances. So it is best to choose beauty salons that rely on tested equipment and certified natural cosmetics.

4th tip: The beauty salon is committed to sustainability

More and more people want to know exactly which creams and ointments end up on their skin. Were ecological and sustainable raw materials used? Are there chemical or allergic substances included? Is there a risk that animal testing was carried out during development? And what about the working conditions that prevail in the manufacture of cosmetics and not least in the beauty salon itself? Are fair wages paid? Does the beauty salon train itself? Because one thing is clear: the times when you “indulged” yourself in expensive cosmetic treatments and products at the expense of the environment, the animal world or other people are definitely over!

5th tip: There is a pleasant ambience

The most effective treatment method is of no use if the customer does not feel comfortable in the cosmetics studio. Cold drafts, uncomfortably loud music or a not-at-all-feel-good atmosphere in a dark and carelessly designed room - the relaxation is over. If the employees then become uncomprehending or even rude, frustration is inevitable and the day is over. Tip: First, get an accurate picture of the online presence of the cosmetics studio. The layout of the website, the images and information provided, the online reviews and the exchange on social media with other users often give a surprisingly good picture of what to expect on your first visit. Of course, you will only know if you will remain loyal to your chosen beauty salon once you have tried it out!

Our recommendation: cosmetic treatments at urban spa in Hamburg

For many people in Hamburg, urban spa is the first choice among beauty salons: founder Patrizia opened the first urban spa beauty lounge back in 2007. From the very beginning, she relied on a pleasant ambience, a warm exchange with customers and always vegan, animal-free natural cosmetics. Since 2017, THE SKIN SYSTEM has even had its own vegan cosmetics line. The success speaks for itself: urban spa now has three locations in Hamburg-Winterhude, Hamburg-Altona (Ottensen) and Hamburg-Poppenbüttel.

The urban spa offer

Whether HIFU or microdermabrasion, whether hydrofacials or microblading, whether radio frequency, microneedling or a combination of both: the selection of cosmetic treatments and anti-aging equipment applications is large at urban spa. At our Hamburg locations we offer classic facial treatments, skin tightening, manicures and pedicures, eyelash lifting and eyelash lengthening as well as hair removal. In addition, all technical treatments can be optimally combined with selected natural cosmetics. You can book an appointment directly online . Our team is already looking forward to your visit!