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Radio frequency microneedling in Hamburg

The combination of the two most popular anti-aging procedures reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin.

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  • Radio frequency microneedling is the effective interplay of mechanical needling and thermal energy. The combination is practically painless, counteracts skin aging and reduces wrinkles. Book radio frequency microneedling in Hamburg now – at urban spa, of course!

    What is radio frequency microneedling cosmetics?

    The so-called radio frequency microneedling treatment combines the advantages of the two established and popular anti-aging methods microneedling and radio frequency . The mechanical effects of one method and the heat effects of the other method are potentiated and ensure a visibly improved, smoother complexion. Due to the mechanical and thermal division in the treatment process, one also speaks of fractionated radio frequency microneedling.

    Radio frequency microneedling advantages at a glance:

    • The self-healing process of the skin is activated
    • Elastin and collagen production is stimulated
    • The production of hyaluronic acid is stimulated
    • Wrinkles are smoothed out
    • Scars are reduced
    • The skin appears fresher and rosier

    How does radio frequency microneedling work?

    During the treatment - just like with classic microneedling - the finest needles penetrate the skin's surface. The skin renewal is stimulated by the small stitches and tiny injuries . What is new about this treatment is that the needle tips also deliver radio frequency waves in pulses into the deeper layers of the skin. The heat impulses set regeneration and repair mechanisms in motion and also stimulate the production of collagen. Existing collagen fibers are contracted by the radio wave impulse, resulting in an immediate tightening of the skin . The radio waves used have the advantage that they reach the deeper layers of the skin directly without heating the top layer of skin. The heat is released in a targeted manner in the targeted, deeper region of the skin.

    Procedure and duration of the radio frequency microneedling treatment

    After your skin has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, a local, pain-relieving anesthetic is applied. This is followed by the actual treatment with the radio frequency microneedling device. The entire anti-aging treatment takes about 60 to 90 minutes , depending on the skin area . Finally, a highly concentrated serum or a soothing cream is applied to your skin to calm it down.

    Radio frequency microneedling treatment: process and duration at urban spa

    Radio Frequency Microneedling Experiences

    The experiences of our Hamburg customers confirm the positive effect of fractionated radiofrequency microneedling: By stimulating the wound healing process, new cells are formed and lead to a visible rejuvenation of the skin ! Part of the result can be seen immediately after the treatment. However, the regeneration process that is set in motion lasts for several weeks, so that the full effect is present after 8 to 12 weeks. The skin even continues to work for up to 6 months. Experience has also shown that there is no downtime immediately after the treatment. Occasional redness does not last more than a day.

    Radio Frequency Microneedling Before After Results

    The combination of radio frequency and microneedling increases the tightening effect that is triggered by the needling. The treatment has a skin-rejuvenating, regenerating and smoothing effect, which is significantly enhanced by the combination of both procedures. The skin is tightened and more elastic and the complexion is refined. The self-healing processes of the skin are stimulated by the thermal impulse, which means that scars can be smoothed out. The skin looks fresher and rosier overall and the first small wrinkles in particular are visibly smoothed.

    Who is radio frequency microneedling suitable for?

    In principle, radiofrequency microneedling is suitable for all skin types. We not only treat the face, neck and décolleté, but also arms, hands and thighs. If you want refined pores, scar correction, wrinkle reduction or skin tightening in the respective body regions without surgery, this treatment is ideal for you.

    Before treatment

    • Please refrain from taking blood-thinning medication (e.g. aspirin) at least one week before the treatment.

    After treatment

    • Please avoid direct sunlight for 6-8 weeks after the treatment or apply a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (min. SPF 30)

    Then a radio frequency microneedling treatment is not suitable

    If you suffer from the following diseases or symptoms, we cannot rule out certain radiofrequency microneedling side effects and therefore advise against treatment:

    • autoimmune diseases
    • allergies
    • Acute and chronic skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis etc.)
    • Haemophilia (increased tendency to bleed)
    • diabetes
    • epilepsy
    • multiple sclerosis
    • Medication intake: vitamin A, antibiotics, blood thinners, cytostatics
    • Acute and chronic infections
    • skin cancer
    • Acute cardiovascular problems

    The radio frequency microneedling treatment at urban spa

      Before we start the treatment, we will go through each step with you, get a precise picture of the skin area and pay attention to your wishes. It is very important to us that you feel absolutely comfortable and safe during the treatment. We at urban spa can tell you that we and many of our customers are enthusiastic about the effect of the treatment. Would you like to try it yourself?

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