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  • 3x professional manicure in Hamburg: 150 nail polishes, also as Shellac polish.

    Are you looking for a professional nail salon in Hamburg? Visit one of our three urban spa branches and treat your hands and fingernails to a top-class treatment.

    Choose Hamburg's top nail studio

    Day after day, our hands and fingernails are exposed to particular stress. The skin on our hands is particularly sensitive - and our fingernails are a sign of a well-groomed appearance. But in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, regular manicures, the care of hands and nails, are quickly forgotten. So it's time to give your hands the attention they deserve - with a visit to perhaps the best nail salon in Hamburg!

    Nagelstudio Hamburg: with urban spa to perfect fingernails

    We all know this unpleasant feeling: a moment's inattention and one of our fingernails splits or even breaks off. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be a rough external influence - stress and our diet can also cause our fingernails to become thinner and more sensitive.

    An extra portion of care, which we offer with our manicure here in the urban spa nail studio Hamburg, helps against nail problems of all kinds. Come by and leave the city stress behind at the door to our studios. We take good care of your hands.

    Nagelstudio Hamburg: extensive skin care for the hands

    Did you know that the skin on our hands is almost as thin as our facial skin? It also contains numerous sweat glands, but hardly any sebaceous glands or fatty tissue. As a result, hands dry out faster and more easily. The result: the skin becomes brittle, cracked and rough. In addition, environmental influences and insufficient care ensure that the skin ages faster. This is how age spots and wrinkles develop over time. And washing your hands frequently with soap also dries out your skin.

    We think: a good nail salon should never focus solely on the fingernails of its customers. With us, your hands receive at least the same attention and care as your fingernails. Convince yourself and visit one of our urban spa nail studios in Hamburg for your hand care.

    This is what awaits you in the urban spa nail studio Hamburg

    Regular manicure is a guarantee of the personal well-being of a woman or a man. Our nail studio in Hamburg helps your hands to have soft skin and your fingernails to look healthy and well-groomed.

    Our services include e.g.:

    • a nourishing hand bath
    • treating the cuticles
    • filing fingernails
    • caring for the nails with a high-quality nail oil

    You may need additional care, e.g. e.g.:

    • a hand massage
    • vegan masks and special scrubs for the hands

    If you are unsure which treatment is ideal for your fingernails or your hands, you can get advice from our experienced Hamburg manicure team at any time.

    Nagelstudio Hamburg: over 150 vegan nail polishes - as well as Shellac, nail oils, peelings and hand massages - only at urban spa

    150 vegan nail polishes and Shellac Beauty at Nagelstudio Hamburg

    What do you want to do? French nails? Nature? A smooth gel look? As the crowning glory of the manicure, our nail designers will beautify your nails with a vegan nail polish or with Shellac - a permanent nail polish that lasts two weeks. Choose from over 150 different colors in our urban spa.

    By the way: as with all our cosmetic treatments, we also use vegan products for our professional manicures.

    Book your professional manicure in Hamburg now - or give a loved one a voucher!

    In our three studios in the middle of the city of Hamburg, we take care of your well-being. We pamper your hands and fingernails with a relaxing manicure. Make an appointment, come by and forget the stress of the big city for a while. Or gift a loved one with our manicure.

Nagelstudio Hamburg – questions and answers

What are the advantages of a professional manicure in our Hamburg nail studios?

Many women and men use nail scissors, nail polish and files themselves. Hand and nail care at our urban spa nail studio in Hamburg offers a number of advantages over a self-made manicure. As trained specialists, we are very familiar with the peculiarities of the skin and nails. After countless treatments, we immediately recognize what is important when caring for your hands and nails. Of course, you can also declare regular manicures in one of our urban spa nail studios in Hamburg as your personal wellness appointment. Our wellness experts will personally take care of your well-being so that you can fully relax during the manicure.

What is special about a manicure in our Hamburg nail studio?

We combine care and wellness in a unique way: the rich care products such as creams, peelings and masks, all the polishes and oils that we use in the salon provide your skin and your fingernails with the necessary care substances. At the same time, tension, hustle and bustle and stress melt away effortlessly while we bathe, care for and, if necessary, massage your hands. Try it out for yourself: Book your appointment online, discover our current offers and experience pure relaxation with Hamburg's manicure par excellence.

Manicure pedicure Hamburg: We care for your feet too

In addition to manicures, we also offer pedicures in Hamburg in the urban spa nail studios, and even foot care according to medical guidelines.