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  • For which skin type is the fruit acid peeling suitable?

    The aim of all our fruit acid peelings is to soak and remove the top layer of skin and thus reduce impurities and skin flakes. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin is cleansed and shines with a fresh, young glow.
    With the fruit acid facial treatment, it must not be forgotten that acids should be used carefully and not every skin is suitable for it. Depending on the mixing ratio, the degree of acidity can be very high - so it is advisable to use a fruit acid treatment, even if it is natural and sounds simple, by a professional beauty salon.

    Fruit acid peeling as an effective treatment for blemished skin

    A fruit acid treatment is particularly effective for acne, skin inflammation, blackheads, large-pored skin, dull and rough skin or even pigment disorders. At urban spa, we start every facial treatment with an intensive skin analysis. We then adjust the use of our three fruit acid products (light, medium or intensive) to your treatment.

    Light fruit acid peeling

    Our lightest fruit acid treatment, which is suitable for all skin types, is our flash peeling. Here we work with a light fruit acid from Dermalogica - the perfect freshness kick for your skin in between.

    Medium fruit acid peeling

    Our medium fruit acid application consists of treating the skin with Aesthetico - this is a classic, medium-strength fruit acid. With this application, the skin analysis in advance as well as the pre-treatment of your skin at home and before the first treatment is important and necessary. Depending on the condition of your skin, our urban spa skin care experts will draw up a treatment plan with you - here we often recommend a course of several treatments every two weeks.

    The strongest fruit acid peeling from urban spa

    Our strongest urban spa fruit acid peeling is the application with PH-Formula. For this treatment, we use a so-called cosmeceuticals - these are highly effective skin care products that contain cosmetically processed medicinal ingredients. So we are working here on the border between cosmetics and medicine. Due to advances in medical and cosmetic research, the urban spa Hamburg PH-Formula treatment enables treatment successes without surgical intervention.

    A fruit acid treatment can also be combined very well with microneedling or microdermabrasion . In this way, the active ingredients of the treatment penetrate deep into the skin and unfold their full effect. Let us advise you in one of our urban spa beauty salons. We look forward to your request!