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  • Hyaluron Pen – what is it?

    The Hyaluron Pen brings you all the effects that can be achieved with an injection - without a needle and painlessly! It is mainly used as a lip booster, but can also plump up wrinkles such as the nasolabial fold . How to do it without a needle? With the handy Hyaluron Pen we shoot cross-linked hyaluronic acid into your skin. This has a thicker consistency and is therefore particularly moisturizing. At urban spa, we deliver the active ingredients precisely and hygienically directly to the desired areas.

    Hyaluronic acid has become an integral part of aesthetic facial and skin treatments. As a natural component of connective tissue, it is able to bind water and thus create volume. With increasing age, the content of hyaluronic acid in the cells decreases. The tissue slackens and leads to an increase in skin wrinkles and often to narrower lips.

    Fuller lips without injecting them are the result of a gentle treatment in which the active ingredient hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin with high pressure. The so-called infiltration of hyaluronic acid is used for lip correction without side effects.

    Results of a Hyaluron Pen treatment

    The hyaluronic acid infiltration for the lips is one of the most effective and innovative applications at urban spa in Hamburg. In addition to lip plumping or lip augmentation without surgery, wrinkle filling is also an important treatment area. In addition, asymmetrical lips can be adjusted through the targeted use of the active ingredients.

    These results are possible with the Hyaluron Pen:

    • Volume build-up in the face and cheek area
    • Reduction of wrinkles between the nostrils and the corners of the mouth
    • Reduction of the chin fold
    • reduction of mouth wrinkles
    • Reduction of lateral lip wrinkles
    • big lips or plumping of the lips
    • Shape correction for asymmetrical lips

    Hyaluron Pen: Have nasolabial folds removed

    The Hyaluron Pen is also suitable for removing the nasolabial folds (the so-called worry lines or the nose-lip folds). In the video we show you the course of the treatment and the result of a painless nasolabial fold removal with the Hyaluron Pen.

    Procedure for a hyaluronic pen treatment for larger lips

    Enlarging lips and reducing wrinkles with the hyaluronic pen - compared to classic cosmetic surgery, this is a harmless treatment that can be carried out on an outpatient basis . urban spa in Hamburg has very high standards when it comes to aesthetic treatment results and guarantees high standards of hygiene.

    We offer you an immediately visible result . We use a skin cream specially developed for cosmetics with an anesthetic effect. So you are guaranteed no pain. The local anesthetic wears off after the treatment. During the procedure, the hyaluronic acid is shot directly under the skin with a very high pressure and a speed of 800 km/h. Here, only the uppermost layers of the skin are reached, making a safe and uncomplicated treatment possible.

    Who is the hyaluronic pen treatment suitable for?

    The procedure is suitable for anyone who is interested in an injection-free treatment. It is not suitable for pregnant women. If you want an immediate and lasting effect, the Hyaluron Pen from urban spa is ideal for thicker lips without injections. The quick intervention offers you an extremely low level of pain and is also significantly cheaper than an operation . The device is known for its high precision and fulfills your dream of full lips or a significant reduction in existing wrinkles. If a fresher appearance is important to you without having to go under the knife, then a Hyaluron Pen treatment from urban spa Hamburg gives you an unproblematic and time-saving opportunity to do something for your appearance. If you want small changes and improvements in several areas of your face, you can first try the treatment on either the lips or some wrinkles and extend or expand the application at any time according to your wishes.

    Experiences Hyaluron Pen

    I have thin lips and always wanted a little more volume.
    I don't like the method at the doctor's with the syringe to enlarge my lips - I hate syringes and I'm afraid of those big inflatable lips - I want it to be natural. Actually, everything I do to myself should give the impression that it is nature.
    Then I heard about the Hyaluron Pen in the urban spa - a new method. The same hyaluron that the doctor uses is “shot” into the lips. I was immediately interested - finally no needle!!! At first I was very careful and only let 0.4 ml shoot into my lips. It doesn't really hurt - you're more likely to be startled by the bang.
    The lips swell and it looks a bit doll on the first day. When the lips had swollen up, I could only see the effect more clearly if I put make-up on my lips and traced the lip contour, because I miss that too!
    I wanted more and so 2 weeks later another 0.3 ml came into my lips.
    Important to know - you can bruise from the procedure and swelling afterwards is perfectly normal. But I had already learned that from the girls at urban spa. So I wouldn't recommend it just before important appointments or events. The swelling was gone a day later and so was my little bruise 2 days later.
    Oh yes - I also had something put into the nasolabial fold - that was great!!! What you also need to know is that solid hyaluronic acid is used - it is initially so nodular in the skin! This will smooth out after a few days and is perfectly normal. I just massaged the spots a bit at home, that helped!
    After about 4 months I went back to the urban spa with my lips. I think there was still something in it but I wanted to freshen it up. Hyaluron stays in the skin for about 3-6 months - then the body breaks it down.
    But now I wanted to put 0.8 ml in my lips right away – all at once. I have a rather small mouth and to still keep it looking natural this amount was enough for me.
    This time a vessel was hit in the lower lip. My lip was a bit blue in one place, unfortunately that can also happen. The stain lasted about 5 days. I put makeup on it lightly the next day and it was perfectly fine. My lips look great now! The employees at the urban spa are all well trained and together we discussed how my lips could look the most beautiful!


    The Hyaluron Pen is a real alternative to the injection! Inflatable boat Lips are no danger here either! And what I think is so nice, you can always book small doses. It's also cheaper than the Doc's (bruising can also occur with injections).
    Whether you prefer to start with smaller amounts or take more is a matter of taste. When I had it done in 2 sessions, it healed faster and the hyaluronic acid smoothed out faster!
    With the treatment after 4 months, it took a long time before my lips felt completely normal again. Here the hyaluron needed longer to smooth out.