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  • Microblading - finally your perfect eyebrows!

    Perfect eyebrows are a rare gift from nature. Almost all women have to help with pencil, gel and powder to achieve a beautiful and radiant look. Previous long-lasting tattoos in the form of classic permanent make-up showed unnatural, thick bars that hindered rather than supported one's own facial expression.

    This is now over, because microblading is the innovative way to model and shape your irregularly growing hairs . Instead of piercing the eyebrows with the previous tattoo needle, individual missing hairs are now scratched into the skin by hand with the finest needles in the form of a blade and filled with color pigments .

    The effect is three-dimensional , completely natural and just perfect. The new eyebrows can hardly be distinguished from naturally grown brows, since the lines are as thin as human hair due to the manual application of the color. Previous vibrating tattoo machines could not achieve these fine lines. The possibility of line drawing, which looks like your own hair in a confusingly real way, also plays a major role here.

    This is how microblading makes your eyebrows perfect!

    If you are fed up with the daily touch-up ritual, then let our trained microblading staff in Hamburg convince you. We would be happy to show you treatments that have already been carried out – the result will convince you! First, your eyebrows and the symmetries in your face are precisely measured. Together we determine the new shape and the new contour and draw them on. So you can imagine your perfect brows.

    In order to alleviate the sometimes slightly painful incorporation of the lines during the treatment, we use a surface anesthetic, which is also used in medicine for local anesthesia for the areas to be treated or the entire eyebrows. In addition to the contour improvement, individual areas of the brows are now also thickened so that an even impression is created.

    Of course, we attach great importance to the highest level of hygiene in these processes using sterilized tools and high-quality paint. Your artificially optimized and perfect brow curve will be clearly visible after the first session. However, the first excess color and possible redness will only disappear after 2 to 7 days. In these first few days, the color used usually appears a little darker and sometimes stronger than the actual result, because natural regulation takes place through the natural healing process, environmental influences such as the sun and the condition of your skin. During this time, we recommend that you follow the care instructions carefully. After around four weeks, the skin cells around the eyebrows are completely renewed.

    The color corresponds to the natural eyebrow color and the individual hairs are just as fine as the naturally grown ones. In a follow-up appointment, small remaining irregularities are eliminated. While the first appointment of the new microblading takes about two hours, the repeated appointment is finished in one hour. Now is the time for your WOW moment!

    What the success of your new eyebrows depends on!

    Microblading, originally from Asia, can be used on all skin types. However, particularly oily skin has the disadvantage that the applied pigmentation fades more quickly and earlier follow-up treatment is required. Microblading usually lasts around 1 to 3 years. For young skin up to the age of 25, an average of 10 months. However, we recommend a follow-up appointment after one year. Heavy sweating and intense exposure to the sun can reduce this time window somewhat.

    Due to the special composition of the colors, they are long-lasting and only fade slowly and evenly. However, the colors do not change and the color decline looks natural. The finely drawn hairs, which can never be achieved with a semi-automatic tattoo needle, are completely preserved with microbalding. However, consultations before the first treatment are necessary if you have problem skin or health problems. Even those who regularly take medication should talk to us before semi-permanent brow optimization.

    Rediscover your charisma!

    Just as a picture only achieves its optimal effect when framed, our face can only bring out its full charisma with the perfect eyebrows. Microblading can improve and optimize the natural growth of the eyebrows. Our experts will help you with the exact measurement. The two eyebrows are worked exactly symmetrically, because beauty also occurs where perfect symmetry prevails. For us, being an expert also means being familiar with the colors used. If the new hairs are drawn by hand, we at Microblading only use high-quality colors from Prive and Long Time Liner. At the same time, this special color mixture prevents an unsightly red or blue cast from fading. Our colors are harmoniously integrated into the natural brows and enable perfect eyebrows. Of course, our colors are produced without animal testing and in a vegan way.

    Try microblading in one of our branches in Hamburg and let your eyes shine!

    If you are now interested in the new color technique, then we look forward to you coming to us. Remember that we take our time in shaping your eyebrows. As a result, longer lead times can sometimes be necessary. So that you don't have to wait too long for an appointment, you should register in good time. You can also register online in our appointment calendar.

    Use the new method of microblading to enhance your natural radiance and have perfect eyebrows designed with the new permanent eyebrow make-up. The absolute, natural result with the finest hairs and the newly formed and thickened brows will convince you. Come by, we will be happy to advise you in detail and help you to achieve radiant moments.