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Anti-aging beginners

Anti Age - Your starter plan:

If you want to do something for your skin freshness, then we offer many effective facial treatments in the Urban Spa. We counteract skin aging with the most modern technical methods. Our range of anti-aging treatments has been thoroughly tested and tested. All treatments complement each other and can be combined with each other. Here you will find the perfect anti-aging plan for beginners:

If you have not yet dared to try anti-aging or apparative cosmetics, then it is particularly advisable to start with a fractional Radoi frequency . It is a rather gentle method with excellent results. Your skin is heated with a special handpiece. This stimulates collagen regeneration and rejuvenates the skin.

Fractional radiofrequency has an immediate and long-term effect when practiced more often. There is no downtime and no side effects.

Have the fractionated radio frequency performed 3 times by an urban spa anti-aging skin professional, 2-3 weeks apart.

Then you can have the next anti-aging step carried out - radio frequency microneedling . This is where heated needles penetrate your skin. This treatment is more intensive and has even more effects. Your skin may be red after the treatment, which is good and desirable. Normally you are completely regenerated a day later and just look radiant. The radio frequency microneedling should also be carried out 3 times. The intervals are 4 weeks.

TIP 1:

The fractional radio frequency as a combination treatment with the Hydro Facial is particularly great. This duo is our absolute bestseller and has been carried out by us for many years.

Tip 2:

We all concentrate very much on the face, but from the age of 35 we should always have our neck and décolleté treated as well.