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  • Effect of Mesogun treatment

    The effectiveness of the Mesogun treatment is based on the double mode of action. On the one hand, the skin is mechanically stimulated using very fine needle pricks. On the other hand, you benefit from a pharmacological effect , because we bring highly effective substances into the deep layers of the skin. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, we can guarantee that the active ingredients can penetrate optimally with this method. Wrinkles and cellulite can hardly be treated more effectively and easily.

    This treatment skilfully combines the basics of proven acupuncture with pharmacy and neural therapy. In addition, it uses the principle of reflex zones. In contrast to much more invasive procedures, the mesogun needle only penetrates the skin superficially . Side effects are hardly to be expected and you can return to your everyday life immediately after the treatment. Get to know the spectacular results of the mesotherapy treatment yourself and let us provide you with comprehensive information !

    Areas of application of the Mesogun

    The Mesogun is versatile. It is mostly used for effective skin rejuvenation that quickly becomes visible. It has proven to be very effective against fine wrinkles on the face and décolleté. It is even suitable for often neglected areas such as the neck and the back of the hand. After all, these are areas of our body that often reveal our age very clearly and receive little attention when it comes to care. The micro-injections and the active ingredients introduced can help you to achieve firmer, smoother skin and thus a more radiant appearance. The Mesogun treatment is particularly suitable for large areas of skin .

    Your mesogun treatment at the urban spa

    We at urban spa offer you tailor-made mesotherapy sessions that will convince you. In our cosmetics studio in Hamburg we advise you in detail which active ingredients would be the best for your skin problem . You can choose from the proven hyaluronic acid as well as activating caffeine, numerous vitamins and effective antioxidants. Pure or mixed as a cocktail, we bring them under your skin. As a rule, we advise our customers to use pure hyaluron treatment or a combination of hyaluronic acid with one or two active ingredients for skin rejuvenation. Whichever active ingredient or combination of active ingredients you ultimately choose, we always guarantee careful and experienced use of this powerful cosmetic treatment. We only use high-quality materials and work with the utmost hygiene. Our beauticians practice their profession with passion. They are very well trained and work in a highly professional manner.

    As a trendsetter in the field of cosmetics, we are constantly exploring new treatment methods. If they are as promising as mesotherapy with the Mesogun, we will integrate them into our offer. We not only rely on transparency in terms of hygiene and professionalism, but also in terms of pricing. A basic price of 99 euros plus the price for the active ingredients applies to the Mesogun treatment. An example of a proven treatment variant. Book your personal appointment at urban spa Hamburg and we will advise you!