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  • Especially for problem skin

    Of course, you should also feel comfortable and relaxed with this facial treatment - but the treatment of your skin is the main focus here. With this special treatment, we take more time to clean out your pores, remove blackheads and pimples - the be-all and end-all for inflamed and impure skin. Thanks to the active ingredient cosmetics from Dermalogica, we have the opportunity to really get into the depths of your skin and get to the root of the problem in the truest sense of the word.

    Facial man urban spa Hambug

    Phase one: The cleaning

    In the urban spa clean pore facial treatment, your skin is treated in two phases. We start with cleaning your skin and then peeling. Depending on the condition of your skin and your basic skin type, we will strengthen your peeling with a light fruit acid. Your skin is then prepared for cleansing: before each cleansing and during each of your urban spa facial treatments, we analyze the condition of your skin again and again in order to be able to respond individually and appropriately to your current skin condition and to achieve a perfect goal.

    Phase two: The cleansing

    After this intensive preparation, it is now time to intensively cleanse your skin – this is where the main focus of our skin care experts lies in the clean pore facial treatment. Blackheads and pimples are removed, the pores are freed. We then calm your skin with the right mask and ampoule and let you go for the rest of the day with the final care that is perfectly tailored to your problem skin.
    Do you need the right at-home care routine to further pamper your skin? We are happy to advise you in all of our four urban spa branches in Hamburg and put together the ideal care for you at home!